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How much experience do I need to be elegible?

Our students should have taken at least basic programming classes, and having at least completed a course successfully in python, javascript or java.

Will I have a dedicated mentor or instructor?

Yes. Your engineering mentor will always be available to guide or assist you if you get stuck. However, we really want you to make the project your own. You will have plenty of freedom to create and explore.

How is the program customized?

After a previous interview, your program will be customized to match your career goals and interests. There is nothing more valuable than the hands-on coding experience, and this program is designed to challenge you and push you to new limits in your coding abilities.

How is it different from a bootcamp?

Most bootcamp programs are designed based on school-like systems, where participants are meant to complete a series of tasks for projects that usually don’t get to see the light of day, sometimes with little assistance from the TAs or instructors. Code Squad will let you engage in interesting projects from Jonajo Consulting’s real clients.

What will I receive after completing the course?

After successfully completing the program, you will receive a certificate of completion and a recommendation from Jonajo Consulting. Our career prep services will help you build a CV and a portfolio you’re proud of, and be shortlisted for positions at Jonajo Consulting or Jonajo Consulting’s partners.

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