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Kick off your app developer career

and join an online team of skilled engineers to learn firsthand about Silicon Valley culture, acquire valuable on-the-job experience, and set your career in motion.

Code Squad helps you build the skills to succeed

Become part of a skillful team to work on real projects, for real clients. We’ll make sure that your training sessions and assignments add up to your expertise.

Code Squad is an online app development course, designed for entry-level engineers and developers, professionals who want to switch careers, or any person who’s looking to improve their resume and network with other companies.

Why Code Squad is not your usual bootcamp

Some of the things you’ll get to do

Work and learn remotely
Attend live, online training sessions
Hands-on app development
Work with the most in-demand tech stacks
Contribute to relevant and meaningful projects
Work with SCRUM methodologies

What you’ll get from us

A customized plan according to your career goals
Daily feedback on your progress
Mentorship from experienced engineers
A flexible schedule
Learning about Silicon Valley culture
Networking opportunities with real companies

Tech Stack

Some of the great tools you'll work with

the basics
Mobile development
Cloud computing
Web development
frameworks and libraries
React Native
database management

How it works


After submitting your application and being selected, we will schedule an interview to know more about your knowledge, interests, and career goals.


You will receive a personalized training plan for you. You'll attend live, online training sessions to help you excel at your assignments and advance your career while working on real projects

Hands On

Over 3 months, you will work with other experienced engineers to hone your skills on actual projects, take part in SCRUM meetings and receive daily feedbback on your work.


After successfully completing the program, you will obtain a Certificate of completion, a referral from Jonajo Consulting and the opportunity to network with one of Jonajo Consulting's clients.

What other students say
This was exactly what I was looking for when I contacted Code Squad: I wanted to know what works in the real world, what doesn’t, and how is it implemented.
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What other students say

I’m still a student, but I felt that some of the things that I’ve been learning at school aren’t really that applicable in real life, because usually there are easier ways to do it. For example, on this internship I learned about Webflow (which I hadn’t heard about) and it cuts off so many hours of coding! This was exactly what I was looking for when I contacted Code Squad: I wanted to know what works in the real world, what doesn’t, and how is it implemented.
I just had a Zapier training, and I was impressed with the tool because I used to be an intern for a company in which we had to manually post on every social media channel, which of course took a lot of our time. This tool is so easy and I’m glad I got to hear about it.
I like that I’m always included in the teams and meetings, I know the latest technologies that are being used in the tech  world, and it’s great being on an environment where you can express your ideas.

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